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10 normal jobs that were once held by today’s biggest stars

Did you ever wonder what your favorite artists did before they were famous? Check out these pre-fame jobs of 10 mega stars!



Before becoming the oldest Queen of Pop, Madonna worked at Dunkin’ Donuts in New York. The material girl dropped out of college and moved to the city with only $35.

“I was sacked from Dunkin’ Donuts for squirting the donut jelly all over the customers,” she said about her former day job.

Kanye West

The rapper and fashion icon was once a sales assistant at The Gap. He even rapped about his time at The Gap on “The Spaceship” from his debut album, The College Dropout.

“Let’s go back, back to the Gap / Look at my check, wasn’t no scratch / So if I stole, wasn’t my fault / Yeah I stole, never got caught / They take me to the back and pat me / Askin’ me about some khakis,” he raps on the track.

Pharrell Williams

The now “Happy” singer and producer used to work as a cashier at McDonald’s until he was fired (three times). Pharrell told Seth Myers about his unsuccessful McDonald’s career.

“I was only good at eating the chicken nuggets,” he said. “At a certain point, they realized that I was no help.”

Luckily, he found his true calling as a musician and he even wrote McDonald’s famous “I’m Lovin It” jingle!

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has been performing her whole life, but she also worked as a waitress for a Greek resteraunt! Gaga told Elle Magazine she “always got big tips” as a Manhatten waitress. She even compares her waitressing gig to perfmorming.

“I always wore heels to work!” she said. “I told everybody stories, and for customers on dates, I kept it romantic. It’s kind of like performing.”

Nicki Minaj

Could you imagine Nicki Minaj answering customer complaints? Well, that’s exactly what she did at her 9-5 job at a phone company!

“I was doing customer service,” she says about her last job. “I was a bit snappy. I was working for a telephone company, and every day I had to deal with businesses whose phones weren’t working and they were spazzing out. I’m like, ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!’ It was a lot.”

Nicki eventually quit her job and moved out of her mother’s home to follow her dream.

Gwen Stefani

Before her No Doubt days, Gwen worked served ice cream at Dairy Queen. The So-Cal girl also spent time working as a make-up artist in the mall.

Adam Levine

The Maroon 5 vocalist is now a judge on NBC’s The Voice, but before his days as a performer and hearthrob, Adam worked at Johnny Rockets and as a production assistant. He only stayed at Johnny Rockets for two weeks, and his PA job didn’t last long either!


P!nk is now one of the greatest performers in the world, but only after having worked at and been fired from McDonald’s. The “Try” singer was with Mickey D for a year and went to Wendy’s after the golden arches fired her. She only lasted an hour and a half before she left Wendy’s because they made her make fries!


The “Airplanes” singer was once a sandwich artist at Subway. He even mentioned it in “Airplanes.”

“Somebody take me back to the days/ Before this was a job, before I got paid/Before it ever mattered what I had in the bank/ Yeah back when I was trying to get a tip at Subway,” B.o.B. raps on “Airplanes.”

Flo Rida

Before making it as a musician, Flo Rida worked at the MGM Grand Casino Hotel in Las Vegas. The hip-hop star used to dig through the trash!

“I worked the graveyard shift… I had to go through [the] trash to find silverware that someone might’ve thrown away,” he said in an interview.

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