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10 Things to expect from Miley Cyrus at the 2015 VMAs

Well, if you haven’t heard, Miley Cyrus is hosting the 2015 Video Music Awards! The “We Can’t Stop” singer caused a stir at the iconic 2013 VMAs when she performed her hit with Robin Thicke. With her VMA history and having one of the most talked about videos ever, (Looking at you, “Wrecking Ball”) Miley might be the perfect choice to host the award show! Here are ten things that we can expect from the 2015 Video Music Awards hosted by Miley Cyrus:


Okay, we’re not quite sure if Miley is over her tongue phase or not but at the VMAs, the tongue is a must! The iconic Miley-gesture debuted two years ago at the VMAs and has stuck with her ever since. The tongue did make a special appearance in this bizarre promo:

Happy Hippy Foundation

Last year, Miley invited Jessie Helt as her date to the award show to bring awareness to the homeless youth. Since then, Miley launched the Happy Hippie Foundation. The non-profit sets to fight injustices facing the homeless, LGBT youth, and other vulnerable populations. No doubt, Miley will promote her wonderful organization and what better venue than the VMAs?


Miley has been a proud supporter of the Free The Nipple campaign since 2014 and frequently promotes the cause with the #FREETHENIPPLE hashtag. It’s not uncommon for Miley to be out and about with only pasties to cover up. Will she be daring enough to bring the pasties to such a big event? We’ll see!


Cyrus has become a fashion icon in recent years with her risque fashion choices. From gowns and up dos to vibrant wigs and pizza onesies, Miley’s fashion covers all spectrums! Seeing what she will wear at the award show is half the excitement!

Wrecking Balls

One of the most iconic music videos in recent history, Miley should certainly reference her hit song “Wrecking Ball” at the VMAs! Do you think the 2014 hit will get a nod from Miley?


The announcement of Miley hosting the VMAs came with a clip of Miley in an alien suit. A few promos later, the alien theme has stuck around and might make this event out of this world!

LGBT Pride

Gay marriage is legal and Caitlyn Jenner is an icon, but the fight for the LGBT community is far from over! Celebrities like Miley Cyrus are crucial in spreading awareness for the LGBT and she’s sure to take advantage of this opportunity. Miley shared the stories of many LGBT youth on her Insagram with the #Instapride hashtag and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for such a big audience.


Alright, I know she said they wouldn’t let her perform, but how awesome would a surprise Miley performance be! Perhaps, she will show off her rocker side and do a duet with Linda Perry?

Album Announcement

Miley has been teasing new music for months now and this could be the perfect night for an actual announcement! It might be a stretch, but we can hope can’t we? Her new music seems to be more avant-garde from what she said in a Paper interview. Her collaborations with The Flaming Lips and rocker Ariel Pink most definitely point toward a few rock tracks on the new album!


Of course, Miley will twerk on stage! It’s a must! Hate her or lover her, twerking is her thing. It’s just a matter of how much twerking will she be doing? Either way, she’s just being Miley and we can’t blame her for that.

Be sure to watch Miley Cyrus host the 2015 Video Music Awards on August 30 on MTV!

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  1. You guys are here condemning her, she s there making her dollars, living well and happy I m sure. better use your time well and use it on what you like. She s having fun, Naija and condemnations. TUFIAKWA!!! People who are body-shaming her, I have a question. If she wore decent clothes, would her body still be disgusting in your words? I think it s an insensitive thing to say. Also, I doubt her aim was to be sexy. It s the new Miley not that I like her taste.

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