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5 times Melanie Martinez covered ‘Starring Role’ by Marina and the Diamonds

Today I came across a video Melanie Martinez released of herself performing “Starring Role,” and the result is so amazing that I had to share it with you for Throwback Thursday. In my research, I found that she’s performed the song at least five times!

When I found this cover today, I felt a rush of excitement and panic. For those who are unfamiliar with Marina and the Diamonds, “Starring Role” is a heartbreaking track from the Electra Heart album about a being in love with a man who isn’t giving all of himself to you. I know that hundreds of teen girls, heartbroken gay boys, and I, myself, have cried to the song with the lights off and rain hitting the bedroom window.

Listen to the original version of “Starring Role,” written and performed by Marina and the Diamonds, below, then scroll down for Melanie’s multiple covers.

“Starring Role” is a perfect song for Melanie to cover, and I hope someday she’ll perform it live again. Melanie’s dark imagery, adult topics, and sweet, baby-like tone found her surrounded by adoring fans this year leading up to the Cry Baby album release in August. Her haunting live vocals blend perfectly with Marina’s bittersweet songwriting. See for yourself:


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