Miley Cyrus releases music video for ‘BB Talk’

Bonnets, bottles, and bibs, oh my! We always expect the unexpected when it comes to Miley Cryus and her latest video release is no exception! In the music video for “BB Talk” Miley crawls around in a diaper while complaining about her sweet-talking ex boyfriend and it’s as awesome as it sounds!

In the explicit Dead Petz single, Miley speaks her mind about the “baby goo goo baby talk” that she wasn’t too crazy about in her last relationship and what better way to complain than dressed like a giant baby?

“No matter what you do/ Homegirl can’t handle the f__king goo / F__k me so you stop baby talking,” she sings in the video as she cradles her giant stuffed puppy.

The rest of the video is filled with fun “baby-themed” imagery like giant bottles, highchairs, pacifiers, and one scene even shows baby Miley throwing a fit in her crib! Unlike her prior video for “Dooo it!,” “BB Talk” is fairly G-rated, as far as the visuals go at least. For the most part, the “Wrecking Ball” singer is generously covered in outfits such as the lavender onsie, novelty baby suit or full bubble coverage.

Between scenes, the video cuts to Miley and her squad dancing in the previously mention baby suits with “Cry Baby” bibs. The costumes were used on her “Milky Milky Milk” tour for live performances of the track.

Cry Baby Miley

After listening to “BB Talk” with full visual glory, you might want to check out the rest of the Dead Petz album right here! Did we mention ITS FREE?


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