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Fall Out Boy drop a new music video with Demi Lovato

Fall Out Boy and Demi Lovato just released the third music video for “Irresistible,” the band’s latest U.S. single.

The original music video for “Irresistible” hit YouTube 11 months ago when it was a single in the U.K. and didn’t yet feature Demi Lovato. The second music video was released to promote the updated track with Demi and features Doug the Pug.

“Irresistible” first appeared on American Beauty / American Psycho, the band’s fifth studio album, last January. In addition to the Demi Lovato version and the original version, there is also a version of the song featuring Migos. That version was released in Octobr on Make America Psycho Again, a remix album of tracks from AB/AP.

Watch the previous two videos for “Irresistible” below.

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