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Leak: Listen to ‘Bombs On Monday’ by Melanie Martinez

CODE RED: “Bombs On Monday” has leaked!

Melanie Martinez’s debut LP Cry Baby is filled with dark imagery hidden behind the candy-coated walls of Melanie’s mind. Song titles such as “Tag, You’re It” and “Mrs. Potato Head” are not about the childhood games cradled in our memory, but instead tell darker tales of attempted rape and plastic surgery. Of course, Melanie’s “cry babies” are used to the game by now, but what if she lost the kiddy-theme in her music? An outtake from the album just leaked and it’s exactly that.

“Bombs On Monday” never made it to the album due to “thematic differences” from the rest of the concept album. Instead of dark songs disguised to look like nursery rhymes, “Bombs On Monday” is just a dark song with no cover. With lyrics like ” Never thought that something / Something so tragic/ Could ever happen to/ Our peaceful little perfect family,” “Bombs” could be the darkest track of Martinez’s career thus far.

Although the leaked track breaks from the LP’s theme, “Bombs On Monday” keeps the format of Melanie’s instantly recognizable sound. The track opens with the music box sounds similar to “Pacify Her” or “Mad Hatter.”

Melanie’s vocals are edgy and emotional, but manage to flow like a waterfall of tears upon the broken world she’s painting in the track. She reaches a few higher registers as she sings the final few chorus’ and it’s breathtakingly eerie.

“Bombs are Falling/ Monday Morning/ Waiting for the news together,” is sung the song’s hook. Some believe “Bombs On Monday” to be in reference to the Boston Marathon bombing on Monday April 15, 2016.


Cry babies will be able to hear a reference to “Carousal” in the

“You & the children, Carousel spinnin/ Our neighbourhood will always be this pretty.”

Listen to the full song here!


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