Lady Gaga

91% of Lady Gaga Fans Unhappy With Donald Trump’s Response to Charlottesville


Following Donald Trump’s public response to the violent protests in Charlottesville on Monday, Lady Gaga asked her followers on Twitter whether they were satisfied by the president’s speech. A whoppin’ 9% said yes.

Here’s a snippet of the president’s speech. Keep in mind, this guy once told his supporters he’d support them in court if they wanted to rough up anti-Trump protesters.

“Did you feel the presidents speech just now was adequate and showed good leadership in response to racism?” the Joanne singer posted to her fans and other Twitter users.

In 24 hours, the results were in. Of 79,404 voters, 91 percent answered”No.” That’s approximately 72,257 voters dissatisfied with President Donald J. Trump’s response to the radical events by white supremacists.

Shortly after launching the poll, she tweeted both POTUS and Donald Trump’s accounts, saying “You should read my poll I have a lot of followers.”

This is not the first, second, or even third time that the “Million Reasons” singer has spoken out against Donald Trump or his supporters in public. After the November election, Gaga protested outside Trump Tower with a sign reading “Love Trumps Hate.”


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