Rihanna releases back-to-back videos for ‘Work’

After scrapping the first three singles for her eight studio album and dropping ANTi as a surprise release on Tidal FOR FREE, it’s safe to say anything goes with Rihanna’s latest record. Today, the singer dropped two videos for the Drake collab and album highlight, “Work.”

In one video, directed by Tim Erem, Riri dons a sparkly transparent top as she dances along Drake in a pink-lit room. Drake’s part of the track brings back haunting “Hotline Bling” memories as he does his best to distract from Rihanna’s limpid apparel. The Erem video seems a little dull, but the director says it’s only a concept that will be reused in a future video (see below).

The Director X video, however, gives the single the true visual it deserves. Dressed in a Tommy Hilfiger Jamaican net dress over a matching Tommy bikini, Rihanna works her magic at a club only fitting for the duo. Filmed in Drake’s homeland of Toronto at The Real Jerk, it’s no wonder the ANTi star caught Drake’s eye!

This isn’t the first time Drake worked with either Rihanna or the film’s director. Director X was the mastermind behind the viral, “Hotline Bling” video released last year. Though, X’s view of “Work” is far less “Hotline Bling”-y than Erem’s, it does feature some iconic Drake moves.

Erem spoke to The Fader about the chemistry between the two stars, calling it “natural.” He also added that the pink-room idea for the “Work” video was a literal last minute choice! The original concept for the whole video will  be used in a later video, but for now the singers liked the pink lighting’s vibe on “Work.”

“We shot “Work” and then we decided, let’s change the track for it and we’ll do the pink room—my video for “Work” is one of the setups from the whole video, but Rihanna liked it so much, she decided to use it as a second video for this,” he said.

Check out the back-to-back videos below and let us know what you think!

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