Watch: Demi Lovato performs ‘Stone Cold’ on ‘American Idol’

Demi Lovato  gave a chilling performance of “Stone Cold” on Thursday’s “American Idol.” Watch the video below!

Since the release of Confident in October, Demi has been EVERYWHERE! “Stone Cold” is set to be the third official single from the album and might be her most powerful single yet. The singer previously performed the track on “Saturday Night Live” and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” both of which went onto viral success.


Earlier in the show, Demi joined the season’s top 10 in singing her previous single “Confident” on the Idol stage. The FOX singing competition is of course in the midst of its final season and they’re going out with a bang! Kelly Clarkson and Harry Connick Jr. also hit the stage for the farewell season.

Lovato will be kicking off her Future Now Tour in June with her long-time bestie, Nick Jonas and “Stone Cold” is sure to be on the set list! Check out the full list of tour dates and purchase tickets here!


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