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Adam Lambert slays ‘Ghost Town’ live on Ellen

Adam Lambert hit pop music hard with the release of “Ghost Town” last month. The track is a dark dance masterpiece that could only be better live… and it is. Just days after the music video release, Lambert performed “Ghost Town” in front of Ellen’s live studio audience, and you know we are in love.

Gone are the 2009 theatrics taken on by Adam and other artists whose careers launched around 2009. In his performance on The Ellen Show, Adam dawns ripped white jeans, a matching jacket and tank top. His once-gothic look is gone, and Adam Lambert has become a grown and — dare we say — stunningly sexy man. Just look at those moves in his Ellen performance up top!

Based on the song’s verses, hardcore fans have made the assumption that “Ghost Town” was influenced by Lambert’s feelings after leaving RCA. It’s no secret that Adam Lambert can sing, but the label thought that, due to commercial failure for his 2012 album Trespassing, the American Idol runner-up needed to release a CD of covers instead of his own music.

“The label is ‘pushing for an (80’s) covers album,’ and feels that this is the only kind of release they are prepared to support. While there are lots of great songs from that decade, my heart is simply not in doing a covers album,” Lambert told The Hollywood Reporter at the time of the split.

Talking to Glamour Magazine last month, Adam revealed that he has been intimate with men in the industry who are still closeted, and that he and most of those men use botox.

“I’ve done it around my eyes a couple of times, because I think a little ‘refreshing’ is fine. But I don’t want to change my face, I just want to look ‘rested.’ Still, I do think there is a point where it can get really over the top,” Adam said. “If you start looking like a lion, that’s probably a good moment to stop. But all the men in the film and music industry are doing stuff.”

Read more from Glamour Magazine here, and let us know in the comments what you think of Adam’s performance of “Ghost Town” on Ellen!

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