Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert teases ‘Ghost Town’

Now that his tour with Queen has come to an end, Adam Lambert is ready to begin promotion for his upcoming third studio album, Original High, which the singer first announced via Twitter on his birthday back in January.

On Sunday, Lambert announced Original High’s lead single when he posted an instrumental loop to his Instagram with the caption “GHOST TOWN. APRIL 21st.”  The clip is upbeat, light, and airy – a noticeable departure from the singer’s past music.

Although this is the only announcement of sorts we have on the single thus far, one of Lambert’s posts from a day prior is believed to be lyrics from the song.  “Everyday you give away a piece of yourself,” it reads, “until nothing is left and that’s how you become a ghost.”

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 4.08.24 PM

We were huge fans of Lambert’s 2012 album Tresspassing and can’t wait to hear “Ghost Town” when it’s released on April 21st!

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