Alyson Stoner talks “Woman” and more

Some may know her from Camp Rock 1 and 2 or The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Alyson Stoner is fierce, unique and not afraid to speak her truth. The star started off as a dancer but then branched out into singing and acting. Stoner made her big debut into the music world in 2013 with her original pop/dance single “Dragon (That’s What You Wanted),” which garnered over 3 million views on YouTube. She is back with a brand new single titled “Woman” which dropped on February 19 and gave the scoop on it to Populove as well as some other juicy info about when we’ll see an album from her and more.

  1. Explain “Woman” how did the track idea come about? “Woman” is very multi-dimensional in its meaning to me. It’s more than a comparison of gender but a transition from child to adult, back up dancer to lead singer. I realized I’d been waiting for the world to give me permission and an opportunity to be elevated, but the biggest obstacle to becoming all I can be was actually myself. So this song is a statement declaring that I’m embracing and fully participating in my story.
  2. You’ve been in the spotlight since a very young age. How did you transition from dancer, to an actress to a singer? Well…it’s important to recognize that simply because certain shows and work are more widely viewed than others, doesn’t mean we artists aren’t actively pursuing and growing in several fields around the clock. So I view it less of a transition and more of an unveiling to the public passions that have long been there.
  3. We know you worked with Missy Elliot. What was working with her like? Yes I did! I was only eight when I filmed “Work It,” so I mostly remember Missy for my personal interactions with her, not for her fame and iconic artistry. She was sweet to us kids and so, so humble.
  4. Did you know you wanted to pursue a career in music? How did the interest come about? I’ve been around music my whole life, and I’ve been drawn to the full-being experience of freely and vulnerably playing, creating, listening and performing music for years. I was so calculated and rigid as a child; music and art have been my greatest life instructors because they reflect a far more colorful and messy story, and it’s in that space I learn about grace, compassion, connection, my own shadows, failure and the entire human experience.
  5. What was it like collaborating with American Idol alum Blake Lewis for the SoulPancake Grammy Tribute A Capella video? How did it come about? Blake is wonderful. We had a very short time to arrange and produce a full mash-up of the top songs from 2015, and it was awesome to collaborate so well with someone who was just a stranger days before. Check out the video here.
  6. Are there plans for a full length album? Any idea to when it will come out? Of course! I’ll have an EP out this year, and there will be more music and videos available before then.
  7. If you can give advice to your fans about confidence what would it be? I suggest drawing your confidence from a place of humility, a humble recognition of your intrinsic worth, versus comparison to others (which creates the false belief that others are inferior and has so many negative implications). That way you’re free to be confident and also celebrate others in their confidence.
  8. Who do you look up to for musical inspiration and why? I am deeply inspired by Demi Lovato’s journey lately. She’s been through a lot. She’s been a lot of ways herself. And what seems to be emerging is an honest, bold, and beautiful woman walking in her path and sharing her art as authentically as possible. What a gift to us to have living examples of genuine humanity, someone who can acknowledge the light and darkness to find beauty in/from both.
  9. Do you have any plans for the year ahead? Can we expect to see you in a movie? Yep. More music and more art, which includes the action-adventure romantic dark comedy Mr Invincible releasing this summer. You can expect a far more honest display of my personal transformation wherever you find me and whenever you hear me. I look forward to being more paper-thin, more than a robot with rehearsed answers, more than the facade I’ve had in this industry. I can’t wait to get to know you and for you to get to know me.

There’s lots of exciting stuff to look forward coming from Stoner, but in the meantime check out the music video for “Woman” below and be sure to pick it up on iTunes!

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