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Aquaria Claps Back at Bebe Rexha’s RuPaul Experience

Bebe Rexha (who totally just dropped her debut album) took to Twitter on Tuesday to share her lackluster experience meeting some of this season’s RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants at VH1’s Trailblazer Honors. The queens were there to introduce Rexha’s performance, but things didn’t go as planned.

“I met some of the contestants from ru Pauls drag race and I wasn’t in Hair and Makeup so they didn’t know it was me and they were COLD af,” Bebe Rexha tweeted. There’s much more, though.

“The funny thing is they actually presented my performance. But ladies it doesn’t take much to be nice. Eureka was the only one to hug me… Im so upset. I was so obsessed with All of them and then I met them and I was so sad. And I was so excited and nice when I met them. They just were cold and didn’t talk to anyone like they were the shit. And they seemed exhausted, but try my schedule and let’s talk ladies.”

This season’s RPDR winner was taken aback by the series of tweets (and the way they were being reported). Aquaria approached Bebe’s concerns with kindness and love… at first.

Video: RuPaul Girls Introduce Bebe Rexha at the 2018 VH1 Trailblazer Honors

“I totally was so mushy brained that I didn’t realize until it was too late but lady you sounded INCREDIBLE in ur performances and I am living for the new album!!! Congrats and we need a picture next time,” Aquaria tweeted.

“It’s okay sis,” Bebe replied. “I get it. I was just really sad, cause I really love you guys, I just want to be you’re best-friend.”

But honey, Aquaria is not done.

“Actually no, too vague. If you’ve ever met any of the four of us you’d know we don’t think we’re the shit or anything of that sort. We’re really just artists who were being swept through a crazy week in our lives where we nearly had a second to take things in. I was actually very grateful to have been invited to such a special event to honor some of the most positive influences on our community but also have/had so many things going through my head. Asia literally couldn’t see shit because her face was covered, and sometimes Kameron allegedly doesn’t say hi. But that’s okay too! I don’t think any of us would intend to be rude or shady to any other performer, and if people knew anything about us it’s that we are far more humble and real than anyone else would expect.

“Instead of being grateful and enjoying the night, we’re now on twitter complaining about the same thing everyone always tries to pit on drag queens: that we’re stuck up bitches who don’t have time for the people who enjoy our work. We were all so impressed with the performances at the trailblazers and so grateful to be included. Plenty of people won’t recognize us out of drag, and I always used to witness this personally so I understand how miss Bebe may have felt, but we aren’t nasty bitches. Did VH1 ask our clown asses to perform? Absolutely not. So you win.

“I was actually very happy to meet you and introduce you, and I really enjoyed your performance as well as the beautiful choir that was singing with you. Stop trying to do whatever Nicki Minaj is talking about and jumping online and making us the bad guys. We love you, babe. The kids love you. We’re not trying to be stuck up and rude.”

Read the full tweet conversation here, and let’s talk in the comments below.

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