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Ariana Grande releases ‘Focus’ featuring Jamie Foxx

Ariana Grande released her latest single “Focus” yesterday and performed the new track on the Honda Stage at the iHeartRadio theater in LA as part of a “World Premiere” event hosted by KIIS FM. The singer also revealed that the male cameo on “Focus” is none other than Jamie Foxx!

“Focus” is the lead single from Ari’s third studio album Moonlight which is set to release in early 2016. The track features all of Grande’s signature sounds including impressive vocal range, horn-filled dance breaks, and a simple-yet-catchy hook. During a Q&A, Grande said the new song sounds like “Problem”‘s older sister.

“Let’s find a light inside our universe now/ Where ain’t nobody keep on holding us down/ Just come and get it, let them say what they say/ ‘Cause I’m about to put them all away,” the starlet sings before the Jamie Foxx chorus.

In the “Focus” music video which launched with the song, Ariana sports the current trend of silver hair(which debuted during her “Focus” promo) and dazzles with her on point makeup and star pupils! If her new look is any premonition of the new music, Moonlight is sure to slay!

Ariana Gif

In the spirit of Halloween, miss Grande appeared on Ellen yesterday dressed as cow! During her visit to the morning talk show, the “Focus” singer tried to identify her new fragrance while blindfolded. Though, she did succeed in finding the model with her perfume, she had a hard time getting there(mainly with the placement of her hands).  Watch the “udderly” adorable clip below!

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