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You may recognize her from her Top 40 hit with The Chainsmokers, but Rozes is far from over. The singer/songwriter from the suburbs of Philadelphia is truly one to watch!

Rozes’ true debut was in 2014 with the release of her single, “Everything.” Though, the track met no charting success, it was critically acclaimed and praised for its fusion of alternative pop and R&B sounds.

“And we could run away, away/ Escape/ I could’ve gave you everything.”

The unique emotion portrayed through Rozes’ voice and the power of her lyrics will most certainly pave the way for the artist’s longevity, even at their simplest.  Alternative pop has been a musical tsunami  stealing the show for years, only bringing the best along to ride the wave. Proven by Melanie Martinez, Marina And The Diamonds, and Lana Del Rey, it takes guts and  tremendous artistic ability to thrive in the music world beyond radio, but Rozes might just have what it takes.

After performing for Neon Gold’s Pop Shop at Baby’s All Right, the record label heralded her as “falling to earth somewhere amidst the holy trinity of Banks, Lana and Halsey.” If that’s not a testament to the force we’re dealing with, then I don’t know what is.

Lyrics from “In & Out” by Rozes:

I was always your flower
Down to get and wanting more
You want me and love me
Never tiring out of me
Time with you was beautiful

The third single from her Burn Wild EP, “R U Mine,” explores the insecurity of a relationship. Rozes questions if she has what her lover wants and wonders how much of her mind is off limits.

The EP as a whole delivers stunning quality, and brings tremendous power in way of debut. The seven tracks offer a good deal of material from the artist, leaving no mystery as to how she caught the attention of The Chainsmokers, Just A Gent, Big Gigantic, and Logic. Her latest collab with Big Gigantic & Logic has over 450,000 views on YouTube, which is impressive yet dulls compared to the 190 million views on “Roses.”

Her latest release, “Under The Grave,” has yet again been met with thrilling reviews. Of the song, Rozes called it an ” open apology.” The video represents the three different ways she copes with difficult situations: physically, emotionally, and numbness.

“I wanted to write a song that explained how I recognize that I was not my best self in a situation where my friends needed me the most,” she said. “I think we’ve all been there. I think we all can remember a time when we weren’t ‘there’ for the people we loved the way we should have been. But it’s because we are human, and we all react differently to certain situations.”

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