Author: Row Middleton

Lady Gaga announces pooch fashion line

Put your paws up! No, literally. The newest creative venture by pop royalty Lady Gaga will be a luxury pet accessories line inspired by her beloved pooch, French bulldog Asia. The announcement was made on her Twitter page whilst posting photoshoot-style pictures on Instagram, sending her Little Monster followers into […]

Zedd’s ‘True Colors’ is melodic genius

Groundbreaking DJ and producer Zedd has returned with a brand new second album, officially christened True Colors. Having broken through to the pop atmosphere with the success of his debut, True Colors finds Zedd collaborating with a multitude of other artists and well known figures within the industry including Selena Gomez and Echosmith. The […]

Giorgio Moroder and Sia debut “Deja Vu” music video

Disco legend Giorgio Moroder has gone and released another catchy dance floor tune, this time featuring elusive artist Sia, entitled “Deja Vu” the title track from his forthcoming album out this summer. The track is — as you’d expect from the long time producer and DJ — upbeat, smooth and […]

Grimes Instagram’s huge Tidal support

Canadian indie artist Grimes has recently taken to social media to defend Jay Z’s so-called “revolutionary” music streaming site Tidal. Ever since its big launch last month, Tidal has taken a dramatic fall out of the top 700 iPhone apps chart and quite possibly given other, cheaper streaming services like […]

Madeon drops a brand new live, experimental mini-mix

DJ, dance, electonica prodigy Madeon has brought his unique and experimental performance style to the fore yet again with a five-minute long, live and uncut mini-mix, brought to us exclusively by Radio 1. Madeon is no stranger to creating minimixes, having first done so for radio host and DJ Annie […]

How the internet snatched creativity from pop culture

As a lot of hardcore music fans know, the popularity and success of an artist today is largely dictated by the online world, through media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, iTunes and Spotify. The once honorary title of “artist” has now become diluted and almost meaningless in the cut-throat, competitive world of […]