Avery LR wants to bring back raw Hip Hop with “They Don’t Like That”


They Don’t Like That” was born and now we have a revelation of going towards the critics, not away. Avery LR is set to quiet all the critics up with this new track that really showcases how raw and intense he can get with lyrics that actually have something to say. No more beating around the bush or just adding fluff to invisible substance, people want real again. We shouldn’t be running from people who criticize, in fact, they are our biggest fans and our biggest supporters, deep down. They are a constant reminder that we should always be growing and always going for more, never satisfied with what’s in front of us.

There is a message everywhere we see, hear, and feel, it’s up to use to pay attention and serve it forward. We serve through our message on each blog post, and each artists we choose to feature because we want to get the word out there that we a strange freaking group that does what we want, and people might not like it. We support Avery LR 100% and we want him to continue to do what other people may not like because in the end, it’s what we in ourselves think that matters.

Be sure to give “They Don’t Like That” a listen and truly pay attention to the message that Avery LR is trying to portray on you. After, truly criticize it and see if it’s for you. The decision is yours for the making.

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