Avril Lavigne

The Lawsuit Against Kesha is About to Get A Whole Lot Messier

*Trigger Warning* As you probably already know, Kesha’s alleged rapist and famous Top 40 producer Lukas “Dr. Luke” Gottwald is still chipping away at his defamation lawsuit against the “Rainbow” singer. The story has been back in the headlines as of late thanks to two big reveals: that Dr. Luke […]


21 Breakup anthems to celebrate being single

Omi may have found his “Cheerleader” this summer, but if the whole summer love thing didn’t work out for you this year, we’ve gathered 21 great anti-love songs that you can still get down to! P!nk, “So What” P!nk released this pop-rocker as an “F U” to her (former) ex husband, Carey […]


Demi Lovato, Avril Lavigne and Ashley Tisdale to star in ‘Charming’

G.E.M., Avril Lavigne, and Ashley Tisdale are set to join Demi Lovato in an upcoming musical comedy called Charming. Charming re-imagines the stories of well-known Disney princesses such as Snow White (Avril Lavigne,) Cinderella(Ashley Tisdale,) and Sleeping Beauty(G.E.M.) According to Ryan Seacrest, the musical promises a twist to the classic stories in which […]


Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger split for good

Rumors have surfaced multiple times this year that Avril Lavigne and hubby Chad Kroeger (Nickelback) were splitting, but this time it’s true! Less than two months after purchasing a home together, the power couple who co-wrote Lavigne’s self-titled 2013 album are separating on good terms. “It is with heavy heart […]


Avril Lavigne opens up about her struggle with Lyme disease

After being bedridden for months, Avril Lavigne talks to People Magazine about her struggle with Lyme disease. In December, Avril told a fan she was absent from the lime light due to health issues. The hashtag #Pray4Avril quickly trended on Twitter and little has been said since. Now the “Hello […]


Avril Lavigne’s bewitchingly natural in new music video

Avril Lavigne’s new music video for “Give You What You Like” premiered on YouTube today as promotion for the new single and an upcoming film Babysitter’s Black Book, and you’ll love the singer’s toned down look. After recent videos for “Rock N Roll” and “Hello Kitty” that seemed way too focused […]