Lady Gaga's 'Ayo' sounds a lot like this High School Musical bop

Lady Gaga’s ‘Ayo’ sounds a lot like this High School Musical bop


With a new Lady Gaga album usually comes comparisons to previous artists and songs, and Joanne is no exception. While any Madonna comparisons are obviously a stretch this era, I can’t help but notice a similarity between “Ayo” and a song from my childhood: “All For One” from High School Musical 2.

“Ayo” was produced by Mark Ronson and is the second single from Joanne. Listen below.

“All For One” is the closing track in Disney Channel’s High School Musical 2. Listen below.

The production on both tracks is eerily similar. Even weirder is that the beat used in both songs is also at work in the ARTPOP track “MANiCURE.”

“Ayo” isn’t the only Joanne hit ringing with familiarity. First, the verses in “Million Reasons” are nearly identical to the opening of Lukas Graham’s song “What Happened to Perfect.” Second, “Hey Girl” samples Elton John’s “Benny and the Jets,” but this was likely intentional since Elton and Lady Gaga are practically family.

Million Reasons VS. What Happened to Perfect

Hey Girl VS. Benny and the Jets

Are these similarities coincidence, accidents, or intentional samples? Truly, it doesn’t matter. Joanne is an amazing album, possibly Gaga’s best. The LP is topping iTunes album charts in more than 70 countries and introducing a new side of Lady Gaga to audiences around the world.

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