Exclusive: Interview with ‘House Party’ singer Brenda Mada

Last week, week caught up with young singer and songwriter, Brenda Mada. The 18-year-old, signed with Def Jam before releasing her debut single “House Party.”

Brenda’s sound is exactly the vibe we were looking for to start this summer off right! The single is an impressive debut from an artist at such a young age and only a peek of what she has in store.

Aside from working on her upcoming album, miss Mada is steadily in front of her camera recording pop covers for her YouTube following. With such a busy schedule, we’re happy to get some time to talk to her.

POPULOVE: Hey, Brenda! How is everything going today?
Brenda: Hey, I’m doing wonderful ! Happy to be in New York again !

POPULOVE: Your debut track “House Party” is a sure add-on for our summer playlist. Which songs are on your summer playlist?

Brenda: Eeeey ! Thank you for that ! Can’t wait to see you vibing to it .
I will definitely have to say “Passion Fruit”, “Humble” and probably some major laser and Katy Perry are on my playlist.

POPULOVE: Is there a story behind the song, “House Party?”

Brenda: Absolutely! To me the song is a reflection of my teenage rebellious side.
I feel that some rules are made to be challenged. So growing up in Europe you can go out to a bar or club and drink a beer at 16.

In America that’s another story , I was frustrated at not be able to go out with everyone . So I decided that I wanted to throw my own house party!

POPULOVE: How does it feel to be making your way in the music business at such a young age?

Brenda: Starting at a young age is a gift at the same time, it’s an opportunity to guide other young people like myself as well. I realize how lucky I am to be in this position and I know I have to work hard to be the best.

POPULOVE: Who have been your mentors in this journey?

Brenda: So far I’ve had the support of my team to help guide me. As far as an artist mentor I don’t think I found him or her yet . If you’re out there somewhere, let me know!

POPULOVE: How did you get signed to Def Jam?

Brenda: I went to LA with my team to meet with several labels and when we met with Def Jam it just kinda felt like an organic and natural fit. It was like they were already part of the family.

POPULOVE: Before “House Party” you’ve been releasing covers on your YouTube channel, will you be continuing to release those or will you be focusing on your own work right now?

Brenda: I definitely want to focus on my own songs but at the same time I still want to post covers , it’s just fun to do , and you can always make it your own version !

POPULOVE: As a songwriter, what makes up the perfect pop song?

Brenda: Repetitions , pretty melodies , and emotions.

POPULOVE: When can we expect to hear more of your original work?
Brenda: I’m currently still working on my project. I plan on dropping some new music for my fans very soon this summer.

POPULOVE:  Has your process of songwriting changed since signing with a label?

Brenda: I would say that Ive had to really work on getting better with my English better.  Writing in English is still very fresh to me . But Its definitely something that I want to get better and better at.

POPULVOE: Thank you so much for talking with us! Is there anything you want to add before we close up?

Brenda: Just that I appreciate you guys having me and I’m looking forward to the next time we meet again.  And you can follow me on all of my social media  @Brendamada

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