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‘Cake Like Lady Gaga’ sees iTunes release

New Lady Gaga music arrived this evening and it’s not what we were expecting! The 2012 DJ White Shadow collab “Cake Like Lady Gaga” (Also known as “Cake” and “Trap”) is officially on iTunes.

Dutch producer, Jay Tromp, released the mastered track on his iTunes page with an extended third verse. “Cake Like Lady Gaga” is listed as a single under Tromp’s name, listing Gaga and DJWS as features.


The original version of the track was released under the title “Trap” through DJ White Shadow’s Soundcloud in 2012. In a Twitter experiment, he asked fans to submit their own vocal recordings for the instrumental and also added bonus points to any lyrics that were about Lady Gaga.

One faithful submission was deemed “the one” and crushed dreams with the follow up tweet, “You still have a little time. But you are going to have a hard time beating this one!”

The anonymous “winner” asked DJWS to add a bridge and release the demo, and hence “Cake” was born. The track was released with the description ” the one hour rap champion. i added a bridge!!!! we are going to mix this shit and put it out for real… its a hit!!!! cake like lady gaga….”


The vocals were later revealed to be none other than Mother Monster’s herself. A video shot by Terry Richardon was also released as a supposed trailer for the song’s video.

“Cake” was performed during Lady Gaga’s artRAVE and Born This Way Ball tours.

Check out the latest incarnation of “Cake Like Lady Gaga” on iTunes here!

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