Carly Rae Jepsen is going ‘new places’ for next record

The unforgotten pop princess of 2012 is dishing out new music that she promises will keep things exciting!

In an interview with SOCAN, the “Cut To The Feeling” singer confirmed she has 50 potential tracks lined up for her next record, but it won’t be like Emotion.

” I’m nervous and excited all at the same time. It’s strange to experiment in the way that I am right now, and kind of going to new places,” Jepsen said. “And try to take the positivity from the last round of what we experienced in general and kind of put it over there for a second and be brave to try out new things. I think as a creator you’re never wanting to just repeat what you’ve done before.”

She’s also been quite open about her thoughts on the race for “Song of the Summer,” and landing number one singles.

“The song of the summer idea has always seemed a little crazy to me because I think you can have whole soundtracks and many songs.” She said. “The summer is supposed to be filled with tons of music. Summer in itself is such a feeling to capture in a song and I think I’m always trying to capture that feeling.”

As far as touring goes, Jepsen revealed that she’s much more content with the idea of smaller venues with her fans rather than jumping from stadium to stadium with Justin Bieber.

“We’ve been able to create this home within our touring family and the audiences that come who get it. It’s a little more intimate and less No. 1s, but I really don’t need those to be happy. ”

Listen to Jepsen’s latest single “Cut To The Feeling” below!


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