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Celebrating ‘Born This Way:’ A journey through self-acceptance

Today, Lady Gaga may be Billboard’s “Woman of the Year” and thee go-to artist for tributes, anthems, and spontaneous jazz outings, but Mother Monster’s praise-worthy buzz is nothing new! The singer, born Stefani Germanotta, has been causing a stir in the music industry since the debut of her Fame single,”Just Dance,” in 2009.

Since then, her high-brow performances and outlandish looks have always garnered mixed reviews from her peers, but that didn’t stop her from unleashing her artistry. No matter what stood in her way, Lady Gaga always had the courage to defend herself with arguably the most powerful words of her career, “I was Born This Way!” And today, we mark the five-year anniversary of the album that changed Little Monster history forever, Born This Way!


In celebration, we’re looking back at Born This Way and examining the tracklist in all its glory. Theories suggest the album’s tracks are aligned in a way that outlines Mother Monster’s journey of self-acceptance and based on the “Manifesto of Mother Monster” intro of the “Born This Way” video, we believe it! So, how does Mother Monster’s new race of humanity find their way to self-acceptance?  Let’s take a look!

“Marry The Night”

Born This Way 1
Our journey begins in dark despair. With nothing left to lose and nowhere to go, we have a choice to make! Self-acceptance begins with the choice to overcome your darkness or hide in it. When you shine light on your darkest hours, nothing can hold you back. The root of “Marry The Night” is the proud proclamation of not giving up on your life and becoming one with the darkness that once held you back.

“Born This Way”

Born This Way 2
Once you’ve married the night, you’re ready to be re-born! From this point on, you bare no prejudice and wish no harm to yourself or others. “Born This Way” is the mantra from here on out, a mantra that defeats all insecurity! If you’re ready to spread love, you’re ready to move on.

“Government Hooker”

Born This Way 3
How much are you willing to fight for what you believe in? In our new beginning,  we need to take a stand. “Government Hooker” is about the machine in us that is willing to do what we’re told and still get-erhm fu**ed. This is our time to not be what everyone wants us to be, and not do what is ‘expected’ of us! We are done confiding to someone else’s beliefs and are ready to take a stand for what we believe in!



Born This Way 4
You are ready for your baptism! Forgiveness is crucial to self-acceptance. In “Judas” we forgive the ‘ultimate sinner’ and realize the good that came out of his betrayal. In biblical sense, Judas betrayed Jesus and earned his title as sinner of the year, but what would have become if he refused to betray Jesus? Judas played a role in a prophecy that lead to Christianity. Forgive the “Judas” in you and trust in what will come from your mistakes.


Born This way 5
We are forgiven and we are warriors! In “Americano,” we stand together and re-create a land of the free. No race, heritage, or gender can define our laws, if your government or religion doesn’t like it, then we don’t speak your Jesús Cristo.


Born This way 6
We are finding love and respect for our self and we’ve fought for others to do the same. It’s a miraculous feeling to finally be who you are and rebel for your beliefs, but sadly you will lose some people along the way. In “Hair,” we mourn the loss of anyone who left our side, but realize our own glory comes from inside us. We don’t need the approval of anyone. Accept that and nothing can stop you from growing. You’re as free as the hairstyle you choose.


Born This way 7
German is a language of power! We may not be fluent yet, but we’re not taking any Scheiße. We can be strong all by ourselves no matter what stands in our way. We’ll do what you want, but not because you want to. See how this works? At this point in the journey, we can be brave without permission.

“Bloody Mary”

Bloody Mary
Mother Monster channels Mary Magdaline, in “Bloody Mary” only to find her struggling with the concept of being a superstar and woman at the same time. She is fully divine, but fully human. She has a lot of emotions, but some aren’t so sweet. This comes as a moment of weakness for us, as we realize we too are like “Bloody Mary.” No matter how divine we become, we will still be human. Our message from Mary is to be true to our emotion, and not dive too far into our fantasy.

“Black Jesus † Amen Fashion”

Black Jesus
As we struggle with the weakness in our human nature, we realize changing our surrounding is as simple as changing our outfits.  We can change our religion, we can change our mind, and we can change our lives. If we can change the image of Jesus, why couldn’t we change anything else in our life? Create a new world and strut down the runway with Black Jesus!

“Bad Kids”

Bad Kids
As we repeat out mantra, we remember that we are far from perfect. Our mistakes do not define us. We’re selfish, we’re insecure, and we’ll smoke in your face, but if our hearts are pure, then so are we. At this point in our journey, we are ready to accept the flaws in others as heartily as we accept their strengths.

“Fashion Of His Love”

After coming this far, we are finding our purpose. Things are starting to making sense, whether we’re falling in love or just believing in the ‘signs from above.’ Instead of thinking nothing good will happen for us or thinking we’re not good enough, we now have the mindset to say “I deserve this. This is going to be good for me.” We realize we were born for a purpose and the people in our lives are meant to be there.

“Highway Unicorn”

HIghway Unicorn
We’re finding our purpose and believe our dreams are possible. Now it’s time to follow them. “Highway Unicorn” is all about following that dream, even if other don’t think it’s realistic. Sometimes the road gets tough, but we’ve got a full tank and we’re not stopping until we get there.

“Heavy Metal Lover”

LONDON - 08 SEPTEMBER 2012: Lady GaGA performs at her first London concert on her Born This Way" at the Twickenham Stadium London 8th September 2012 (Photo PictureGroup)
LONDON – 08 SEPTEMBER 2012: Lady GaGA performs at her first London concert on her Born This Way” at the Twickenham Stadium London 8th September 2012 (Photo PictureGroup)

Look how far we’ve come! We love ourselves and see beauty in others, we’ve forgiven our mistakes, and are closing in on our dreams. In “Heavy Metal Lover,” we remember to stick together. No matter what comes our way, nothing can separate us from our friends. After all, we’ve all earned our leather here and as the lyrics go, a “group does it better.”

“Electric Chapel”

Electric Chapel
“Electric Chapel” is our safe-zone. There is no self-harm and no hate. From this point out, we don’t accept people into our lives who won’t abide to our “Electric Chapel.” We are too respectful of ourselves now to deal with people who aren’t the best for us!

“The Queen”

The Queen
To those who haven’t been allowed in the doors of our chapel, we sing this song. In “The Queen,” we accept our dreams as the reality they are.  Sometimes things get hard, but we can fly above it all. Insist in your own life and forget the ones who bring you down. We are Queens in our “Electric Chapel” thrones.

“Yoü and I”

Little Monsters, you’ve come so far! Nearly at the end of our journey, we can truly say we love ourselves. “You And I” is about returning to love and that’s a tremendous accomplishment. We can’t love someone else, until we love our self and now we’ve done that! Our self-acceptance has brought the people into our lives who will accept us for who we are.

Jo Calderone is crucial to “You And I.” Jo knows all of our flaws and insecurities and is not afraid to point them out! He is us. He is the part of us that is filled with self-negativity and insecurity. Once we fall in love with him, the rest is history!

“The Edge Of Glory”

Wow! We’ve completed our journey! “The Edge Of Glory” is about living in the moment of truth from here on out. We carry out our life now as we would in our final moments. We’re filled with truth and love. We forgive, we take time to enjoy, and we cherish the people around us. We know in our hearts we’re living half-way between Heaven and Hell, and we’re dancing in the middle!

All together, Born This Way is an album about loving yourself and loving the people around you. Gaga’s message of love and bravery has never been represented stronger than it was in Born This Way. Ideas like living between fantasy and reality and being yourself are recurring themes from the album and Gaga’s career thus-far, portrayed by mermaids, unicorns, and the iconic BTW album art.

Today, we salute you Born This Way and the era that ended entirely too early. You are remembered and you are timeless!

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