The Chainsmokers offer Ken Bone a lifetime spot on their guest lists


Sunday’s presidential debate left voters torn between two candidates, but welcomed the new viral sensation, Kenneth Bone. The loveable undecided voter was even tweeted by The Chainsmokers, who offered him a +1 on their guest lists for life!

Ken Bone won the hearts of Americans late Sunday evening, when asking a question to presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The city hall style debate endorsed a handful of questions from undecided voters, but Ken’s 5-minutes of fame were far from over.

Since the debate, Mr.Bone received thousands of Twitter followers and fan accounts with up to 12,000 followers. On Monday night, the sweater-donning father-of-one also made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel.

During his Late Show interview, Bone revealed he is more undecided than ever, when it comes to this election.

“This is an unusual political cycle. It’s been so negative,” he said. “I try to base most of my decisions on positive things, and neither of them have given me any.”

If talk shows and VIP invites aren’t enough, Ken also has an exclusive offer to smoke at Snoop Dogg’s crib from the grandmaster, himself.

Could Ken Bone be the hero this election needs? Follow Mr. Bone on Twitter here!

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