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Updated: Childish Gambino NOT Being Sued by Record Label

Updated 07/11/2018: Glassnote Entertainment Group has confirmed that there is not a lawsuit against their client Donald Glover, but there are money disputes. Here’s an official statement from Glassnote:

Unfortunately the reporting by TMZ is not accurate. We are not claiming Donald Glover screwed us out of anything.

Donald Glover made a claim that he was owed 95% of SoundExchange royalties when we are legislatively and contractually required to share those royalties 50/45. When we tried to assert our position, he became strident. His lawyers sent a demand for $1.5mm and threatened a lawsuit on his behalf. We have simply asked the court to review the contract and to provide a declaration of relief that our position is correct pursuant to our contract and federal copyright law and that monies paid by SoundExchange to Glassnote can be retained by Glassnote, in the same way that monies paid by SoundExchange to Donald Glover can be retained by him.

I’d like to point out that in our 11 years of operating we have never been in litigation with an artist.

We are not asking for anything back from Donald Glover, just that we are able to retain the monies that are contractually and legally ours and that have already been paid to us.

Original Post from 07/06/18:

TMZ reported on Friday that Donald Glover a.k.a. Childish Gambino is being sued by his record label for failing to pay their share of his streaming revenue.

Another lawsuit? This is America!

The label, Glassnote Entertainment Group, has helped develop three Childish Gambino albums. The company filed a lawsuit claiming that Glover has earned at least $700,000 from internet streams of his music. The label hasn’t seen any of it.

“What really galls Glassnote is its claim that it has paid Donald nearly $8 MILLION and expects to pay him another $2 mil in royalties in the next 3 months,” TMZ writes. “The label also claims Donald made a $1.5 million demand from them to resolve streaming royalty disputes.”

This is a little confusing, isn’t it? The label will have paid him $10 million by the end of October. They say he owes them money, which they could probably just take out of the money they’re paying him. They also say he asked for an additional $1.5 million to resolve the revenue issues.

If he owes them money, why does he think that the solution is for them to pay him more money?

Something isn’t right here. What do you think is going on? Let us know in the comments below.

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