Chris Crocker releases debut album ‘More Than Three Words’


“You don’t got to be a pop star to know it’s hard,” sings Chris Crocker in one of the many great tracks from his new album More Than Three Words. Chris is referring to the difficulty of life in the spotlight, which he was thrust into when his “Leave Britney Alone” video went viral in 2007.

Despite many attempts at succeeding while leaving his Britney video in the past — including occasional music releases, porn appearances, and videos highlighting his deep sense of self and somewhat philosophical ideas — More Than Three Words might be the greatest step he’s taken in that direction.

“I’ve talked about the correlation between my mom and Britney, addictions and stuff, but there will always be that group of people that are resistant to listening to more than my Britney video, and listening to my truth,” Chris told Vice. “I need to give context to what’s happened in my life.”

More Than Three Words does just that and is written as open and honest as you could imagine. In the first track, “All of Me,” Chris sings “I want to know whoever says they love me knows all of me,” and that message stays true throughout the album.

You can purchase More Than Three Words today on Google Play, or on iTunes if you’re outside of the United States. Apple’s music store has yet to add the album to its U.S. directory, which the singer attributes on his personal Facebook to Mercury retrograde.

Listen to the first single, “Give Your Love Away,” below.

Purchase MTTW on Google Play here.

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