Kelly Clarkson defends Kesha, admits she was blackmailed to work with Dr. Luke
Kelly Clarkson Kesha

Confirmed: Kelly Clarkson was ‘blackmailed’ into working with Dr. Luke

Kelly Clarkson had some interesting words on Sunday to describe her past with Dr. Luke, the Sony Music / Kemosabe Records producer now infamous for allegedly drugging, raping, and in other ways abusing Kesha.

In an interview with Kyle and Jackie O. of Australia’s KIIS FM radio station, the “Piece By Piece” singer admitted that her record label, RCA, a sub-label of Sony Records, “blackmailed” her into working with Dr. Luke.

“The last time I worked with him (on “My Life Would Suck Without You”), I only worked with him because — literally — I got blackmailed by my label,” Kelly Clarkson revealed, adding that she was told “We will not put you’re album out if you don’t do this.”

The shocking news comes just weeks after POPULOVE shed light on mysterious circumstances surrounding their collaborations:

Her sophomore album after American Idol put Dr. Luke on the industry’s radar with “Since You’ve Been Gone” and “Behind These Hazel Eyes.” Despite the commercial success of their collaborations, Kelly would not go on to work with Dr. Luke again until 2008, when her label demanded she release a track he produced to make up for the commercial failure of her My December album. A video of Clive Davis and Dr. Luke discussing why Kelly had to sing the track (“My Life Would Suck Without You”) was released to YouTube to promote the single in 2009 but has since been locked. Sketchy.

Clarkson was unable to comment on the ongoing trial between Kesha Rose Sebert and Dr. Luke, noting that she had no first hand experience with that specific situation. However, she didn’t hold back from revealing the producer’s true character.

“‘We’ve clashed before,” she said. “He’s difficult to work with. He’s kind of demeaning… He’s lied a lot… It’s been really hard for me because he will just lie to people, and it makes the artist look bad.”

Before clarifying that Dr. Luke was never sexually inappropriate with her, Clarkson told the hosts and listeners that she might not have given into her label’s blackmail if her job was the only one at stake.

“We have a whole crew to support,” Clarkson said, “people that depend on us for their livelihood, so sometimes you have to make decisions (where) you just have to swallow that pill.”

Despite the absence of sexual abuse allegations, Kelly and Kesha’s stories are similar in that both artists claim their career was threatened in direct relation to Dr. Luke.

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