Could One Direction be dropping an album tonight?

Rumors of One Direction’s new album (which, mind you, doesn’t have an official name yet) dropping tonight have been swirling around due to a few unofficial sources.

When an iPhone user asked Siri, “When is One Direction dropping the fifth album,” she possibly spoiled the surprise release, giving the unexpected answer of “September 11th.”

One D sept

The “surprise release” tactic is a current trend in pop music, which seems to be working. With artists such as, Beyonce, Drake, and Skrillex all giving no warning of their latest releases, it only seems fitting that One Direction might do the same. After all, their last single, “Drag Me Down,” was a surprise release and went on to be the first track to ever hit No. 1 on the the Spotify Global Chart on its first day of release!

Despite Siri’s big mouth, directioners investigated the situation even further. Fans began calling Walmart and Target asking when they will get the new One D album, fitting to the rumored release date they said they will be getting shipments on Friday:


There hasn’t been any official word on the release date, but a new album tonight would be incredible. Recently, the news surfaced of Harry, Louis, Niall, and Liam taking a break from One Direction after the release of their fifth album, which means there would be no tour to promote the LP.

A source told The Sun previously, “Simon Cowell and his team at Syco couldn’t be more excited about the album. They believe there are at least three smash hit songs and they’ve got the boys to stay together for a few weeks beyond the end of the year to make the album a huge success. But there was a meeting recently where it was agreed there would be no tour for the album. That was a big call because it means come March, Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall will be free agents for the first time in five years.”

Watch the video for “Drag Me Down” here!


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