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Demi Lovato makes us LOL in new ad for ‘Devonne’

Demi Lovato wants you to buy her new beauty product line “Devonne by Demi,” and the new advertisement on her YouTube channel shows you how to apply the products to your man friend.

At first glance, the clip looks like a rather standard advertisement for Devonne, but when the “Neon Lights” singer’s tone and smile-to-death attitude grows wacky, it’s hard not to laugh at what is obviously a spoof of a regular ad.

“Is it normal that I can’t see through my left eye?” model Wilmer Valderrama asks as Demi rubs a shocking amount of facial cleanser on his skin.

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 7.24.04 PM

“Boys, don’t be afraid to wash your face with your girl,” Demi quips at the camera. Wilmer adds, “Just make sure you’re doing it on your own.”

Demi Lovato wants you to use #DevonneByDemi on social media with a post about how you’ll pamper your own boyfriend this Valentine’s Day. Devonne By Demi includes a facial cleanser, hydrating radiance mist and 3-in-1 moisturizing primer. You also can grab free shipping and a free gift if you order at the official website before Valentine’s Day.

Demi recently used Twitter to express her concerns with the music she’s released so far in her career, noting that the new album she’s working on is the most authentic music she’s ever made and will truly show who she is as an artist. Find out more here.

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