Demi Lovato

Fall Out Boy drop a new music video with Demi Lovato

Fall Out Boy and Demi Lovato just released the third music video for “Irresistible,” the band’s latest U.S. single. The original music video for “Irresistible” hit YouTube 11 months ago when it was a single in the U.K. and didn’t yet feature Demi Lovato. The second music video was released […]

Review: Demi Lovato’s ‘Confident’

Demi Lovato took the summer of 2k15 by storm with the release of her first Confident single and “Song of the Summer,” “Cool For The Summer.” The first release from her partnership between Safehouse, Hollywood and Island Records slayed pop fans with its sexy overtones and magnetic synths, and essentially had us living for […]

Demi Lovato, Avril Lavigne and Ashley Tisdale to star in ‘Charming’

G.E.M., Avril Lavigne, and Ashley Tisdale are set to join Demi Lovato in an upcoming musical comedy called Charming. Charming re-imagines the stories of well-known Disney princesses such as Snow White (Avril Lavigne,) Cinderella(Ashley Tisdale,) and Sleeping Beauty(G.E.M.) According to Ryan Seacrest, the musical promises a twist to the classic stories in which […]

Demi Lovato’s mobile game is out now

Demi Lovato just premiered her interactive mobile video game called Demi Lovato:Path To Fame. The new game is a “choose your own adventure” story, Pocket Gem’s Jameel Khalfan told Billboard. Players follow Demi Lovato on tour and create their own music careers. Players  choose their stories using Pocket Gem’s Episode platform. The game […]

Demi Lovato releases ‘Cool For The Summer’

One week after Demi Lovato announced her next single, it’s here! “Cool For The Summer premiered today and it rocks! The flirty summer jam sounds less like a Demi Lovato track and more like a cross between a Katy Perry and Lorde tune. Fortunately for Demi, it sounds great! “Cool For […]