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Demi Lovato’s mobile game is out now

Demi Lovato just premiered her interactive mobile video game called Demi Lovato:Path To Fame.

The new game is a “choose your own adventure” story, Pocket Gem’s Jameel Khalfan told Billboard. Players follow Demi Lovato on tour and create their own music careers. Players  choose their stories using Pocket Gem’s Episode platform.

The game isn’t like a typical “rise to fame” type game as Demi’s app reportedly features tough choices such as choosing between love or fame.

Khalfan wanted to bring a sense of reality to the game. When Pocket Gem’s heard about Demi’s interest in being involved with the game, they jumped on it.

“If you incorporate an artist like Demi, it becomes more real,” Khalfan told Billboard. “You get to see things that have helped her along the way. We wanted to come up with a compelling story our users will love. They’re all aware of her story.”

Lovato chose her avatar’s clothing and helped craft her dialogue. The game will feature some of Demi’s original recordings depending on which stories the players choose.

The “Cool For The Summer” singer recently talked to Gamespot about her new game:

“I wanted to make sure this story captured my voice perfectly, so I worked in tandem with the Episode team to add authentic touches. As my Lovatics know, it’s very important that my personal experiences come through in everything I do and this story is no different. I think they will really enjoy this exclusive glimpse into my life that they haven’t seen before.”


Demi Lovato: Path To Fame is free to download to both iOS and Android users and is out now!


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