DJ Khaled earns first No.1 with ‘I’m The One’


Another One! We The Best Music’s leading man, DJ Khaled, just earned his very first number one single one the Billboard Hot 100.

“I’m The One” is the second single from Khaled’s upcoming album Grateful and his 26th single release overall. The track also features Justin Bieber, Quavo, Lil Wayne, and Chance the Rapper.

So far, Khaled’s single sold 171,000 downloads and was streamed 53.9 million times.

Check out the songs music video below:

Grateful will be released later this year and will feature guest appearances from Beyonce, Jay Z, Drake, Rihanna, Rick Ross and Future.

A new album and number one single aren’t the only headlines Khlaed has made this month. Recently, L.A. Reid stepped down from his position as the head of Epic Records and according to reports, DJ Khaled is eyeing the job.

A source revealed, “He was petitioning to get that job. He’s like, ‘I make more happen than anyone in the game, why would I not be considered to run the label?’ ”

Though, the dream seems unlikely, while Khaled is a huge name in music, he’s not fitting for a corporate job, according to insiders.

“Khaled is a big hype machine — not a person who’s running a record label,” said the source. “My guess is Sony Music UK CEO Jason Iley will run either Columbia or Epic or they will take RCA president Tom Corson . . . and put him at Columbia or Epic.”

Do you think DJ Khaled should stick to hit making? Or does he have a future in the
corporate office? Let us know what you think!

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