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Before Lady Gaga had even come up with her name, Stefani Germanotta featured in a long-forgotten sing-along children’s book called The Portal In The Park, and it’s now available online!

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The Portal In The Park was originally published in November 2006 before being re-released through digital platforms in 2014. Portal follows 11-year-old Scott after he falls into a new dimension teeming with monsters who hope to destroy his spirit. The story is a unique exploration of good and evil, and teaches young readers about feelings, emotions, and endorphins.

“When the boy falls into the portal in Central Park and arrives in another dimension it reminds me of the classic Alice in Wonderland. In this unique dimension the characters sing conversations and have a fantastic school called the Biorhythm Academy with laptop desks and floating seats,” Weiching Yu commented on Amazon. “I think anyone who gets this book will want to go through the portal and take a class in that school.”

The story may sound similar to Alice In Wonderland, The Land of Stories, and other children’s series, but Portal has one element no other story does: Lady Gaga.

Author M. Cricket Cassey worked with Grandmaster Melle Mel for most of the book’s audio narration and songs, but two unique tracks, “Fountain of Truth” and “World Family Tree,” feature vocals from the one and only Mother Monster.

Portal In The Park is a necessity for all Little Monsters’ audio collection, and you can download it for free! In partnership with, we are providing a 30-day free trial to the audiobook service which includes one free download of Portal in the Park or another book of your choice. If you like the service, you can continue using it after 30 days or do what we did: sign up, download Portal, and cancel your subscription after! Your card will never be charged this way.

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Lady Gaga in Portal In The Park

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