Drew Vision has plans for you this Summer with “Want ‘Em All”

You say you’ve been looking for that Summer anthem because all the new music has been sucha drag lately. Look no further than the new EP from Drew Vision. Drew Vision is an R&B star on the rise with no signs of ever coming back down. He took the notion of shooting for the stars literally because he is rising and rising with the peak not nearly coming soon. Professionally trained, talented both vocally & lyrically, confident, yet humble – he is the total package. There hasn’t been someone this well-rounded since the days of an early Justin Timberlake, the sultry voice says it all.
After more than a decade of live performances, his stage presence captures every room & screen and gives his fans an immersive and engaging experience. The way he’s able to captivate his audience and engage his lyrical prowess to exude a way about him. “Shades of Summer” EP is exactly what his fans needed to brag about this new wave is coming. His new video for “Want ’em All” is just one prime example of it.
The R&B phenom has been unleashed and our ears are waiting to be taken over. While his natural talent is undeniable, he fully recognizes how fortunate and blessed he is to be doing what he loves. He is truly one of a kind. Although focused on his solo career, Drew has worked with a long list of performers including Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé & Kanye West. Music is Drew’s passion, but he has also recently done modeling & ambassador work for many national brands including Coach, Pepsi, Lays, Bacardi & Samsung. Be sure to check it out below!
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