Ed Sheeran shares his weight loss secrets

Ed Sheeran shared his weight loss secrets with British newspaper The Sun and revealed he “downs” all of his required nutrients with juices created by his chef.

Both Ed Sheeran and his pal, Sam Smith, have been sporting slimmer appearances lately. Smith lost 14 lbs. in two weeks by cutting out sugars and dairy. Sheeran tried a different technique.

“I’m not losing it because I’m eating well and going to the gym. I’ve started green juices because I’ve realized that I go to restaurants and get a steak and chips and broccoli, and I’ll eat the steak and chips and leave the broccoli,” he told The Sun. “So I said to the guy that does the food on our tour, ‘Can you just blend everything that I need?’ And then I just down it.”

Despite his avoidance of going to the gym, the “Thinking Out Loud” singer has went from a size large to a small on his juice diet!

“I’m now a small. I went from a large to a medium to a small,” he explained. “It’s my lifestyle. I haven’t really been healthy to my body, and my body’s not liking it.”

The newly single Ed Sheeran seems to have a great weight loss formula on his hands. We just wonder how it tastes!

Do you have any health secrets that don’t involve heading to the gym? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll share on Twitter with Ed and Sam.


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