Eric Frisch releases feel-good song of the season with "The Light Ahead"

Eric Frisch releases feel-good song of the season with “The Light Ahead”


The holiday season is here and we are all stressing on all the shopping that we have to do! Don’t worry, Eric Frisch has enlightened us with the feel good song for the holidays. “The Light Ahead” basically says it all, it’ll all work out in the end. Eric Frisch has released the most light-hearted and fun song that we can listen to over and over again. “The Light Ahead” brings on fun acoustic guitar and simplistic, very Ringo Starr type of drumming, that will have you clapping along with laughter and joy.  You would expect that from an Indie-Pop band but Eric Frisch does it anyway. Influenced by the like of The Beatles, Beach Boys and Sam Cooke, we already see Eric paying homage to the greats as he portrays the same goodie and fun vibes these same bands did back in their day.

“The Light Ahead” is far from being the next big wave that we are used to seeing nowadays from mainstream Pop bands but who cares, we love it because of the awkward and utter goofballs they are and how much they truly enjoy playing music. Add in vocals that do not range in pitch to show off how great the vocalist is, but instead they focus on deriving the vocals from The Beatles as to have the crowd fall in love with the lyrics and be able to sing along with them. Basically, every band wants the audience to learn their song and chime in with them as the concert goes on. If we find ourselves together in an Eric Frisch concert, let us band together and sing along as we relish in the joy of the music. “The Light Ahead” is a simple reminder that no matter what we may go through, the light ahead is bright for us and our foolish ways. Watch Eric Frisch and “The Light Ahead” and tell me you did not just fall in love with them as we did here.