Exclusive: Bonnie McKee Debuts ‘Thorns’ & ‘Die Happy’ at Pride

Bonnie McKee surprised fans at her show in Indianapolis, Ind. on Saturday with a live premiere of two new tracks called “Thorns” and “Die Happy.” The performance was part of the city’s LGBT pride festival, Indy Pride.

The setlist included “Sleepwalker,” “Forever 21,” “Wasted Youth,” “Easy,” “I Want It All,” “Bombastic,” and “American Girl” — in addition to new songs “Thorns” and “Die Happy.” Listen to the new material below.

Bonnie McKee – Thorns (Live at Indy Pride)

The 33-year-old danced through a few technical difficulties during her set, including the sound system’s volume skyrocketing at one point and disappearing completely at another. Despite the setbacks, McKee greeted fans after the performance with an incredible energy and was kind enough to tell event staff to allow fans to take selfies with her.

McKee’s enthusiasm and love for her LGBTQA fans has always been apparent. After all, the writer behind hits like Kesha’s “Die Young” and Britney’s “Hold It Against Me” (which is about Katy Perry, by the way) is bisexual herself. In a love letter to the gay community this month, Bonnie detailed her own experiences with the community and why pride is so important to her.

Bonnie McKee – Die Happy (Live at Indy Pride)


“One of my best childhood friends came out to me in sixth grade and I felt so special that he was comfortable telling me before anyone else,” Bonnie wrote in her submission to the Billboard project. “I thought he was incredibly brave and I admired him for really knowing who he was at such a young age. His openness inspired me to accept my own sexual identity — and it wasn’t so scary to say out loud that I myself am bisexual.”

She continues, adding that her gender and sexual minority fans are, to her, the most fearless and loyal.

“The love that I’ve felt from them at Pride shows, online, and even just walking down the street is unmatched,” she said. “Their enthusiasm and heartfelt messages and support of me through thick and thin has honestly kept me going at my lowest points. I’ve performed at Pride festivals all over America, and I can easily say they are the most fun, free, joyful crowds I’ve ever had the privilege of playing for.”

For even more videos from the performance at Indy Pride, visit our friends BonnieFanVideos on YouTube. If you’re a Bonnie McKee fan, follow us on Twitter and Facebook right away! We met Bonnie after her performance and have a gift to giveaway from her to you. More info soon, exclusively on our social media.

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