This FAKE Perfect Illusion leak is a total bop

Lady Gaga on Computer

If you search “Perfect Illusion leak” anywhere on the internet, you will be bombarded with fake instrumentals, low quality ‘in studio’ recordings, and previous Lady Gaga songs revamped to sound new. However, one of these so-called “leaks” stands out through this sea of desperate fans.

Though the fan-made song (we’re assuming it’s fan-made, I mean, isn’t it obvious?) is only just over a minute long, and has the not-so-best vocals; it does pack a lyrical punch, though, with some playful melodies that are sure to get stuck in your head.

“Ma-ma pa-pa-pa perfect illusion,” the mediocre vocals infectiously chant out, as the 2009 Gaga-esque beat kicks in, followed by the first chorus that sounds exactly like something Lady Gaga herself would compose. As the pre-chorus waves in, the vocalist sings “You bring me to a new dimension,” which sounds reminiscent to Gaga’s 2013 track ‘Venus’. During the chorus, the fan screams “…and even if we’re not meant to be – I still can visit you in my fantasies,” and it is by far the best lyrics of 2016.

Honestly, minus the choppy vocals and outdated beat, this fake leak is the catchiest fan-made track out there. Racking up over 40,000 views on YouTube between two separate videos, this fan is sure to make his/her mark in the Little Monster community.

Have you heard this so-called ‘leak’ yet? If not, listen here, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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