Fan Sues Gwen Stefani, Live Nation for Broken Leg


According to a federal complaint filed on Friday, Lisa Keri Sticklin is suing Gwen Stefani and Live Nation for injuries obtained after the singer allegedly encouraged fans to rush towards the stage from their seats at a July 2016 show in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Sticklin is seeking $75,000 in compensatory and punitive damages for multiple injuries she suffered, including a broken tibia.

The fan told Courthouse News that Stefani encouraged audience members sitting in the lawn portion of the PNC Pavilion to rush into the reserved seated half of the amphitheater. She claims her injuries were caused by lawn ticket holders jumping the barricades and ropes as they entered the seated portion of the pavilion.

“‘Just fill in anywhere you like! Who cares about your lawn chairs? You can get new ones,” Stefani told the crowd, a clear indicator of negligence according to the lawsuit.


“After the patron crowd rush and the resulting injury to the Plaintiff, Stefani announced through her microphone and the loud speakers throughout PNC Pavilion that ‘I got in so much trouble for telling you guys to come up here,'” the lawsuit continued.

To make matters just a little worse, the day of the show was also Lisa Sticklin’s birthday.

Representatives for Stefani and Sticklin could not be reached. A rep for Live Nation told Rolling Stone that the company “does not comment on pending or ongoing litigation.”

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