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Fifth Harmony release second single, ‘Write On Me’

Fifth Harmony’s second 7/27 single is here and “Write On Me”  is a hit! Unlike the Ty Dolla $ign accompanied debut, “Work From Home,” the girls’ latest single slows things down quite a bit.

“Everything is gray until you draw me,” are the words sung by Camila Cabello that illustrate the video’s narrative. The tenderness of “Write On Me” comes to life as the girl group come from sketches to reality.

From first listen, it’s clear the single will be a highlight of their 7/27 tour. “Write On Me” and “Work From Home” are two totally different jams with totally different visuals, and seeing them come to life on stage will make Fifth Harmony’s mark on hesitant fans.


Where “Work From Home“‘s video delivered a seductive take on a construction site filled with bright colors and plastic dance numbers, “Write On Me” delivers tenderness in a colorless performance that does no more than highlight Fifth Harmony’s soul. People are talking about Fifth Harmony now, more than ever and their revived image is partially due to the fuller sound of 7/27.

“We finally have a damn voice,” Dinah of the group said in a recent interview. “We feel like actual artists. We were little babies in the ­beginning. Now we’re becoming big girls.”

From their start, Fifth Harmony was an experiment, Reflection was a test, and 7/27 is the breakthrough. While, Reflection did spawn hits such as “Worth It” and “Sledgehammer,” it was rightfully before they found their “damn voice!”


“Work From Home,” is the first girl group song to break into the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 in eight years, a feat last achieved by The Pussycat  Dolls in 2008. In 2016, girl groups are relatively scarce. Gone are the days where The Pussycat Dolls, Spice Girls, Destiny’s Child, and TLC dominate pop culture! Fifth Harmony’s main competition is Little Mix, who predominately keep their reign in British radio without having an international hit.

The album, 7/27‘s name refers to the day the group was formed in front of a live audience on The X Factor. After auditioning as solo artists and being denied on the talent show, the show’s creator , Simon Cowell and Epic Record’s chairman L.A. Reid, re-arranged the girls in Avengers-like fashion and Fifth Harmony was born. Reid has been impressed by the creation from the start, and recently wondered how that plan worked.

“By design, it shouldn’t work,” says L.A. Reid, 59. “They found out in front of a live audience they were going to be an actual band, and now they’re challenged to be creative, be competitive and keep a sense of humor? I’m surprised they haven’t cracked up! They should be nuts by now. I would be.”

Whatever is keeping Fifth Harmony sane seems to be working! 7/27 will be released on May 27th and features artists artists such as Missy Elliot and rap star, Fetty Wap. Pre-order here to get “Write On Me” as an instant grat!


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