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G.U.Y. ARTPOP film translated for the average person

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is here. Lady Gaga just released her ARTPOP film featuring G.U.Y.

Here’s my initial translation of the video…



In the beginning Gaga is seen as a fallen angel, betrayed and killed my corporations – her corporate ‘friends’ gather up all the money and abandon her at her hour of need. She, then hears ARTPOP, a song that is basically a description of how ARTPOP came to her. In terms of greek mythology, she has fallen into Tartarus and is now stuck, looking for rebirth. She follows the sounds of ARTPOP and moves to Hearst Castle (Olympus) and before moving on to the next scenes, let’s just say that even as a dirty messed up fallen angel, she looks hot as fuck.


At Olympus, everyone is representing different Gods. Guards who look like they’re from Hades (wearing jet black all over) carry Gaga through people depicting all sorts of greek gods, from the god of sun to Athena.



Then, as I’ve already mentioned at Radio ARTPOP episode, servants of the Goddess of flowers gift her with their power and put her in the ocean/river styx, where she is reborn as Venus (here, she uses roman myth, not greek). When she is reborn, she is greeted by the Muses, the goddesses of art and science (which is the essence of ARTPOP).




Then, she calls upon Himeros, god of sexual desire in a Jean Paul Gaultier couture outfit in her full Venusian mode. As G.U.Y. begins, she breaks down into dance. Let’s just say that NOBODY will ever say that she needs Laurieann Gibson back in her life after seeing her moves. Now she’s almost paraphrasing the prayer Aphrodite made to entrance a young roman prince away from his actual fiancé (more on that later).


Again, she is channeling the flower power here by bringing in lots and lots of roses. Roses were a flower created specifically for her by the goddess of flowers. Things, at this point, turn around in Olympus (in her favour).



Now, she is ready to fight the corporation to get her freedom and strength back. She now crosses and perilous river styx (the river of death) in an outfit and props that are obvious representations of Athena, the goddess of war.


At the back, there are three ‘himerotes’, Himeros’s subjects, sitting along the ceiling as a strengthening addition to the song.


In the next scene, she is making ARTPOP, after which there people resurrected from coffins, one of them being Michael Jackson. This is a representation of how she is bringing the her own art AND the art of many before her and twisting them in the inferno of ARTPOP – how people like Michael Jackson’s art still lives on in ARTPOP. Also, Jesus, Gandhi and Michael Jackson were all murdered by their own people, as was John Lennon who is credited as being in the fourth coffin despite the shot accidentally being left out.



Then she creates her ARTPOP army and creates a weapon (Being a guy while being a G.U.Y. and hence, realising that she can be ‘on top’ as a bottom), she moves into the corporations that betrayed her (while describing that Mars’ war spirit rams into the atmosphere, being the best/high time for war).


Then she wins the war with the corporation and is seen taking over the whole thing. At the end, her army, which I’m guessing is the little monsters are set lose from the source to the whole world to claim their dominion.

And let’s just say that the video’s art and eye candy are equally impressive as well…

Tell me what you think about my analysis in the comments below and don’t be afraid to chime in with your critique…


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