Gaga's Got Guts: Lady Gaga's New Single and New Album

Gaga’s Got Guts: Lady Gaga’s New Single and New Album

Gaga performing Perfect Illusion in London 9-9-16

         Lady Gaga’s new single “Perfect Illusion” was released on September 9th. If you haven’t already, give this Pop-Rock single a listen: Perfect Illusion Audio

After a couple years off from putting out new music, Little Monsters were ready for something new. Gaga did not disappoint! The new single has a new sound from other work Gaga has done. It kind of has a “Ladies of the 80’s” sound to me. It’s differently something new.

The way Gaga released the song was genius! With clips on her Instagram to American Horror Story incorporating her song into previews for the new season, the single was out there for all to see. However, after nearly 3 years of no new music, I wish that the song had a bit more to it. For the most part it just repeats “perfect illusion” over and over, but that’s pop music. Little Monsters and many others are obsessed with the key change in the song around the 1:51 mark.

Gaga even preformed the single in London and it she got really into it! See the performance here: Gaga London Performance .

From interviews to her performance of the song, you can tell she has put so much into this. She maybe misunderstood at times, but at least she is dedicated to her works of art.  So, what is next for the single?! Many are waiting for the music video that should be coming out sometime this week. I wonder if it will be as crazy and outlandish as the rest of her videos or will she surprise us with a new take much like the song?

Gaga also released the date (October 21st) for her new album and it will be named “Joanne”. This all makes me wonder if Lady Gaga is finally putting to rest the meat dresses and crazy life looks to show us the stripped down and raw beauty of Stefani Joanne Angelina. Regardless of how the new album will be, Gaga’s got guts.

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