Harry Styles attemps stage dive and fails. OOPS!

Harry Styles attemps stage dive and fails. OOPS!


Following the debut of his first solo record, nothing can stop Harry Styles’ shine. Not even a stage dive straight to the floor!

The “Sign of The Times” singer was performing at Brooklyn’s Rough Trade for a secret album release party, held in collaboration with iHeartRadio and Z100 radio stations, last week where he did attempted an impromptu stage dive and ended up plunging to the ground.

The singer admits that his first stage dive didn’t feel as cool as he imagined. In an interview with James Cordon, Harry said he thought it would feel like he was flying, but was wrong.

“It doesn’t feel as cool as you think it was gonna feel,” he said. “I thought it would feel like flying, I thought I was going to feel like, ‘this is the most amazing feeling ever’ and instead it was like, ‘I should get up now.'”

The crowd originally caught him, he said, but ended up dropping him into a sink hole.

“It wasn’t the best,” he admitted. “I may or may not have kicked someone in the face by accident so there was this whole uproar. I think she was faking if I’m honest… It was my first one [stage dive]. I felt like, ‘this is the time to try it’. I was wrong.”

Cordon asked the 1D star if he will ever attempt a stage dive again. Styles said probably not but “maybe the mood will strike another time” and teased the audience by getting up and pretending to consider doing it to them.

Watch the interview here!

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