Tuesday, October 4

Here we are using DbSet to use any class related to the database context in this way to create Base Repository

using Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore;
using WebApiCustomers.Data;
namespace WebApiCustomers.Repositories;
public class BaseRepository<TEntity> : IRepository<TEntity> where TEntity : class
    private readonly CustomerDemoDbContext _context;
    private readonly DbSet<TEntity> _dbset;

    public BaseRepository(CustomerDemoDbContext context)
        _context = context;
        _dbset = _context.Set<TEntity>();
    public async Task AddAsync(TEntity entity) => await _dbset.AddAsync(entity);
    public async Task<IEnumerable<TEntity>> GetAllAsync() => await _dbset.ToListAsync();
    public async Task<TEntity?> GetAsync(int? id) => await _dbset.FindAsync(id);

    public async Task DeleteAsync(int id)
        var dataToDelete = await _dbset.FindAsync(id);
    public async Task UpdateAsync(TEntity entity)
        await Task.Run(()=> _dbset.Attach(entity));
        _context.Entry(entity).State = EntityState.Modified;
    public async Task SaveAsync()
        await _context.SaveChangesAsync();

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