this binding

    this is the runtime context of a function.
    this is determined by the call site
    the same function can be executed with different this runtime contexts. You can think of this as another arguement to the function
    Comparison: scopes are generally defined at compile time (exception: eval)

const person = {
  name: 'Alex',
  getName() {

const foo = person.getName;
// using default binding (`undefined` in strict mode)

// using explicit binding{name: 'Ben'});

// using implicit binding
// using `person` as the 'this' binding


(In order of precedence)

    new (new Person())
    explicit (call, apply, bind)
    implicit (
    default (window, or undefined in strict mode)


    arrow functions (const hello = () => 'hi'). this is bound to the this context that the function is defined in
    ignored this (pass null as this to explicit binding - it will use the default binding)

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