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No, Iggy Azalea isn’t dating French Montana

Iggy Azalea and French Montana sparked rumors last month after they were spotted having a night out in Las Vegas. Montana shared a photo of the two on his Snapchat, leading many to believe a romance was brewing.

Unfortunately for anyone who has already shipped the couple, Iggy revealed that they are simply working on new music together. Their night out was simply an unwinding after working on a new single!

“No, we’re (just) collaborating,” she tells E! News. “I’ve got another single coming out with French Montana, so we recorded it while I was in Las Vegas last week. It should be having a music video filmed to it in the next few weeks.”


A new single being recorded for Iggy’s album, Digital Distortion, could mean she will address her recent break up after all. She recently revealed that the break up would not be a theme in her new music because the album was recorded in February, months before the break up happened.

“My album has already been recorded,” she told reporters. “It’s been finished since February, so none of that in there.”

The “Fancy” singer and her fiancé, Nick Young, called it quits in June nearly three months after he was involved in a cheating scandal.

In March, a video leaked showing Young bragging about sleeping with other women while dating Azalea, which he later confirmed to be true. In a press conference, Young simply stated, “what happened is what happened.”

Originally, Iggy took the scandal lightly and even tweeted a joke about the clip, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

The rapper spoke to PEOPLE about her life since the break up, saying “Change is good.” Iggy has been going through a lot of change recently, along with the split, she also moved into a new house. It may seem overwhelming, but the rapper is taking it all in stride.

“Well, I think everybody saw that I took my furniture with me, so it’s not totally fresh,” she said. “But it’s fun mixing it up and doing all the drapes and boring stuff that girls love and renovating the home. So it’s like that weird anxiety when you’re doing something, but also fun and we’ll see how it all works out. It’s been fun.”

Stay tuned for more updates on Iggy’s new album!

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