JOMO released long anticipated EP, “What I Want”

At last, JOMO is out with his long-awaited EP that we just cannot wait to get our hands on. The instant we got word that it was being released we just wanted to shout it out! We have a brand new EP to show you from an up-and-coming rapper from Atlantic City. JOMO is the latest to come out of Atlantic City and take the music scene by storm and he has no plans of stopping. “What I Want” is his proclamation that he takes what he wants whenever he pleases, and he wants your attention, now. Surely, you will not be disappointed knowing that you are one of the first to listen to this Tupac-influenced rapper.

Get this, the EP’s title track features in the movie, “Battle Scars” that will be available worldwide on VOD. His voice is definitely radio friendly and definitely has the ladies shaking in their shirts, in a good way. He’s extremely versatile: he’s got the charm, he’s got the natural-born hustler’s instinct, and the bad boy image that fits him very well. That’s the trifecta that gets everyone drooling with anticipation to see what he will do next because it’s sure to get people’s attention. “What I Want” has a very melodic introspective feel to it that can relate to many people. Listen to it and tell us what kind of vibe you get with it.

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