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Justin Bieber and One Direction are releasing albums on THE SAME DATE- November 13

One Direction announced last week that their new album will drop on November 13- the same day Bieber set to release his comeback record and what a BEAUTIFUL day it will be!

Though Justin Bieber announced his November release first on the Tonight Show, One D’s announcement came with a few extra surprises. The Made In The A.M. album is ALREADY available for preorder and fans will receive a new track called “Infinity” instantly when they do so!

Moments after the 1D reveal, speculation began that the A.M. was a sly reference to Zayn’s departure standing for “After Malik.”


Bieber on the other hand, hasn’t said too much about his untitled album yet beyond describing it as “uptempo” and “fun and summery.” He did however score his first number 1 single with “What Do You Mean.”

“Well, girls are often just flip-floppy. They say something then they mean something else. It’s like what do you mean?

“I’m trying to have a consistent sound and I get kind of depressed cause I’m so…like, I want it to work so badly. You know, I want people to love it, and inspire people and sometimes I feel like, ‘Is this good enough? Is this the direction I want to go?'”

For the rest of the album, he says he says it will uplifting and called it his best work creatively.

“Overall, I’m just happy with the place I’m at creatively. I feel like this is probably the best I’ve been. There’s not really a direction. It’s like, uplifting music that people can dance to…it’s a little different, it’s really uplifting and people are going to smile when they listen to it.”

He went on to say his split from Selena Gomez is a lot of the inspiration behind his new music. As we’ve heard on “What Do You Mean?” and his Jack Ü collab, “Where Are Ü Now,” that doesn’t really mean sad music.

“A lot of my inspiration comes from her. It was a long relationship and a relationship that created heartbreak and created happiness, and a lot of different emotions that I wanted to write about. So there’s a lot of that on this album.”

Needless to say, we can’t choose between the November 13 albums and will be making multiple iTunes purchases that day! Which album are you most excited for?

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