Justin Bieber

TMZ: Justin Bieber is on an emotional rollercoaster

TMZ, among other entertainment media groups, launched a chain of news stories today referring to Justin Bieber as being on “an emotional rollercoaster.” Reports even mention an anonymous source stating Bieber’s mood swings have “become too much.” “Sources in Bieber’s world tell us he’s been on a virtual roller coaster […]

Justin Bieber finds his ‘Purpose’

During Justin Bieber’s hiatus from releasing music, the 21-year-old pop star hasn’t had the best of luck. Between, a “DUI” arrest in Miami, peeing in mop buckets, and visiting brothels in Rio de Janeiro  many have wondered if Bieber’s career had finally come to an end. When he announced earlier this year that he was sorry and ready […]

Justin Bieber is back with new single, ‘What Do You Mean?’

Justin Bieber just released his latest single “What Do You Mean?” after much star-studded hype. “What Do You Mean?” is the first single for the singer’s upcoming fourth LP, out November 13th via RBMG/Def Jam Recordings. In the MdL produced track, Bieber sings, “What do you mean / When you don’t want me […]

Justin Bieber performs ‘I’ll Make Love To You’

Justin Bieber brought his vocal talents to Jazz Night at the W Hotel in Hollywood on Sunday night, and the reborn bad boy stole the show! After having what he called “The best day of his life,” Bieber sang a little Boyz II Men, “I’ll Make Love To You.” “Relax, let’s go […]