Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber gets egged ahead of Comedy Central roast

Just when you think you’ve seen Justin Bieber do everything good and bad — from going to jail to paying for a NYPD dinner — the Canadian heartthrob has more surprises up his sleeve, including getting egged on film. The entertaining clip is a teaser for the upcoming Comedy Central […]

Justin Bieber shows kindness to group of NYPD officers

Justin Bieber is on a streak of kindness and love, showing his actions matter as much as his words. On Friday, NYPD officers were shocked to find themselves sitting near the star at The Comfort Diner in NYC, where Justin paid their $200 tab and posed for a picture. Justin’s actions […]

Justin Bieber frightens women in Ellen’s ladies room

Ellen is at it again! The talk-show host revisited her segment where a celebrity guest scares audience members in the bathroom, and this time the lucky (or too frightened to feel lucky) ladies got a visit from Justin Bieber. Check out the video here, and pay close attention to the audience […]